Little Women By Louisa May Alcott Analysis

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A Journey through Jo In Louisa May Alcott's Little Women we follow the life of 4 sisters living together with little money during the Civil War. Each sister has distinct traits which make the family work well together, as well as ones which make conflict for the story. The main character Jo is the second oldest sister and a very interesting character. While Jo grows up we learn that she is a strong minded, kind, tomboy. From the beginning of the book we know right away that Jo is a tomboy. During the exposition we learn that the girl's father is a chaplain of the union army and will be away for a while. Jo says “I’m dying to go fight with Papa” With a little bit of context from this time period it can be inferred that Jo likes …show more content…
She displays this throughout the story through her actions and her words. One of the first examples of this in the story was when Meg wanted her to look prim for a party. Jo had scorched her dress and stained her gloves. Meg’s clothes were, of course in perfect condition and Meg was not happy with Jo’s. Jo wanted for her and Meg to share Meg’s gloves. But, Meg did not like this plan but Jo was persistent and this is what happened. Later on in the story when Jo is first got into her writing she decides that writing is what she will do. She says “I think I shall write books and get rich and famous” (Alcott) This statement demonstrates her strong mindedness because she found a goal and declared that she will accomplish it. During the very end of the story when the whole family is gathered Jo makes a speech of sorts in which she goes right out and says “I may be strong minded”(Alcott). The author makes it clear throughout the story that this is one of Jo’s dominant traits. Louisa May Alcott’s Jo March is a very intriguing and round character. She is a very kind person but her stubborn attitude sometimes leads to conflict. She likes to do boy things and hates to be proper.
Jo March is a very interesting, strong minded, kind,

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