Little Women By Louisa May Alcott Essay

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In the novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott the main character; Josephine March, is faced with the expectations of becoming a respectful young women. Surrounded by a household full of girls, Jo has no choice but to conform to society 's ideals and grow up to be like her sisters. Throughout the novel Jo refuses to grow up, faces society 's expectations, and becomes a Little Woman. Josephine March is a fifteen year old girl who goes by the nickname ‘Jo’, she has a bold personality and tends to be against the idea of growing up. She spends a majority of her time reading, writing, and playing outdoors, activities more fit to a young boy in her time period. Jo lives with her mother and four sisters, her father is off fighting in the Civil war. While her father is away, Jo brings up the fact that she will try to be what he loves to call her, “a ‘little woman’ and try not be rough and wild.” This shows how Jo wants to change herself for the better and is making an effort to become more lady like. Though Jo wants to make an effort to be the big girl that her father wants, Jo does not want to grow up. When Jo’s sister Meg notices the childish manner in which Jo acts and dresses she tells her to take her hair down and act more proper, to which Jo replies, “I will not! And if taking my hair down makes me more proper, I will wear it in two tails.” Though Jo is well into her teenage years, she continues to go against society 's expectations and defy both her father and sister.…

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