Character Analysis: Little Women By Louisa May Alcott

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A Beautiful Someone
Little Women

What makes someone beautiful? From thick makeup to pricey clothing, our modern culture could answer this question in a variety of ways. In Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women Meg March grapples with her own attractive quality, wondering whether to alter her simple, modest appearance while staying with some wealthy friends. Although Meg does, eventually, choose the former path of action, the issue still presents itself as open to debate. Meg should not have altered her appearance at the Moffat’s for three reasons, it displeases those she loves, it is not necessary, and it negatively affects her character.

Before beginning her makeover, Meg should consider that this transformation displeases those she loves. For one thing, her parents love her dearly as she is, a sweet, modest young lady, and could never see their
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Because the newly fabricated Meg would act and look nothing like old, she not only would change her identity, but the perception of others as well. So, even if newcomers admired the newly created Meg, their feelings don’t regard Meg for her own self, but for this flirtatious, richly dressed young lady. Although change in a persons’ life can bring about pleasant things, in Meg’s case, this unhealthy alteration could hurt her character in the long run. During the growing stages in a young person’s life, building a strong character on a solid foundation is imperative, and turning 180s in behavior don’t make this task any easier. One more issue found in this change deals with purity, something every woman struggles with. How Meg handles her first decision of modesty will accompany her through the rest of her life, making this moment even more imperative. In any women’s character, modesty merits confidence, confidence merits self-esteem, and self-esteem merits a strong

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