Essay about Little Saigon Of The United States

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Little Saigon in Garden Grove has the highest population of Vietnamese living in the United States. In fact, it is the highest number of Vietnamese living outside of Vietnam. How did they retain their language and cultural practices virtually unchanged after they immigrated to the United States? The preserve their culture and traditions and continue to teach it to the following generations that follows. Although, some of the children are born here they are still fluent on their Vietnamese language and carry on with their heritage. Americanized but still following the footsteps of their own ethnic group, most of my experience working in the airport we often come across a family of Vietnamese traveling together and they bring goods that it’s just like it came from Vietnam but the food and products that they bring are from Garden Grove where they make it at Little Saigon. How they are in the United States and not influenced by the American Lifestyle and still retain their customs and tradition after years and years of living in the country? This would have to do with the resources they have in Little Saigon. According to OC Register (2015), “Tucked inside Little Saigon’s shopping centers and strip malls are small, family-run bakeries, tea houses and delis. The markets stock dragon fruit, lychees and pickled celery. The cafes and bakeries sell banh mi (Vietnamese style sandwiches) and French-style coffee with condensed milk. The grocers stock live tilapia in fish tanks ready to…

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