Little Red Riding Hood By Charles Perrault Essay

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Many fairy tales always tend to have a happy endings and sugar coat the more rational affect of the story. "Little Red Riding Hood" written by Charles Perrault is written and viewed as an idealistic form of thinking. Author Angela Carter rewrites the classic fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood” to give us a more sinister and realistic view into the classical fairy tale with more of a reasonable explanation. In the story “The Company Of Wolves,” which is a modern version of “Little Red Riding Hood,” gives us a different perspective then the original. Carter gives us a more dark and explicit view into the world of Little Red Riding Hood. As to Perrault, which gives us a more innocent and clean look into the life of Little Red Riding Hood. Both of these fairy tales have similar storylines, but both authors portray the story in their own creative intelligence. Thus being an idealistic view against a realistic perspective in both stories. “Little Red Riding Hood” is rewritten as “The Company Of Wolves” to give us a more real and wicked detailed intake on the classic fairy tale to educate us on an idealistic versus a realistic perspective in life. The fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” gives us a more innocent and childlike view as they introduce their main characters. As apposed to in “The Company of Wolves” where is cuts straight to the point and narrates us that the wolf is an unsafe creature. The rewritten version of the fairy tale begins by introducing a carnivorous…

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