Little Red Riding Hood : An Alternative Essay

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Little Red Riding Hood: An Alternative
Earlier in the story, Little Red Riding Hood is warned of strangers, but little does she know, there can be worse things.
Meanwhile, the wolf ran straight to the grandmother’s house and knocked at the door.
“Who is it?” a weary old woman’s voice croaked from behind the door.
“It is I, Little Red Cap. I have come with cake and wine to soothe your tired soul” sang back the wolf, in the best Little Red Cap voice he could produce.
Now, sick as she may be, grandmother was no fool. She had lived in these woods for years, and for many years, this wolf has tried to trick her. Only recently, fearing for her health, grandmother worried she would not be able to fight the wolf this time. She had prepared for such a day.
“Enter, my sweet child” called grandmother.
The wolf then slowly lifted the latch of the door, creaked it open. The main room was dimly lit; he could barely make out the furniture. He peered around the room, no sight of the weak, old woman. “Where are you, Grandmother?” He inquired in his false Little Red Cap voice.
“In my bedroom, sweetie” replied Grandmother, “the door to the left, has it really been that long?”
Now the wolf, knowing that Grandmother has been tricky in the past, snooped around to find 3 doors. One on the left side of the room, that Grandmother claimed to be behind. One on the far wall, and one on the right. First, he slowly, quietly as possible, opened the door to the right. Only a simple broom closet lay behind…

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