Little Red Ridding Hood Essay

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Little Red Riding Hood: Good vs. Evil

For generations there has always been a constant battle between good and evil. In society today, and societies in the past, people have struggled over the desire to be good, and the temptation to be evil. In one single tale we see different forms of good and evil, as well as how different ideas become viewed as good and evil as time goes on. The tale of Little Red Riding Hood is one that has allowed authors to write and rewrite over and over in order to fit into the beliefs of society, during specific time periods. Two tales in particular have allowed for deeper discussion into the definition of good and evil. The Brothers Grimm tale, “Little Red Cap”, was written and published in the 1800s;
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I don’t think you’ve even noticed how sweetly the birds are singing. You are walking along as if you were on the way to school, and yet it’s so heavenly out here in the woods. (7)
This section of the story send the message of needing to listen to the orders of your elders, but more importantly it sends the message of how the temptation of innocent minds is wrong and evil. Had the wolf not tempted LRRH then she would not have wandered through the woods aimlessly picking flowers, and would have made it to her grandmother’s house in time. The audience for this tale strongly believed in hard work, rationality, and seriousness. The wolf tempting LRRH caused her to break all of the principles that she was raised on. She focused less on her task at hand and more on frolicking; her decision was viewed as irresponsible, unreasonable and frivolous, but she was not solely at fault for her actions. As a young child she was more susceptible to temptation, and the wolf knew that. He had no right to tempt an innocent girl with such beautiful things, and thus can be viewed as the true evil behind LRRH wrongful dawdling.
Perrault’s tale provided the audience of a fine example of why it is important to remain innocent and chaste until marriage; but this wasn’t the only lesson it taught. It educated the audience on the idea that it is important to be innocent, but it is also important to not be naive. In the tale Little Red Riding hood is

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