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Little Miss Sunshine is a movie about a dysfunctional (yet oddly supportive) family’s road trip from hell. This extended family consists of a mother, father, her son from a previous relationship, daughter, uncle and grandfather. This film was released August 18, 2006 and won two Oscars for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Alan Arkin) and Best Writing, Original Screenplay. Abigail Breslin was nominated for her portrayal of Olive. Little Miss Sunshine was also nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year. The film was nominated and awarded over 40 various awards. The Hoovers are a unique group, but they put the fun into dysfunctional.
Grandpa Hoover, portrayed by Alan Arkin, is a heroin addicted,
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They were running behind because Grandpa had died and they had smuggled his body out of the hospital (he was wrapped in a sheet in the trunk of the bus). Olive had to be at the pageant by 3pm and they had to leave immediately in order to make the cutoff. Olive is heading down the hill to talk to Dwayne in this scene. Below are the fifteen elements of a Mise en scene:
Dominant: Dwayne is dominant. Even though Olive is in the center and the red of her shirt is vibrant, Dwayne is dominant because he is clear and closer up. He is dejection personified. His position in the lower part of the frame shows his feelings of being powerless.
Lighting Key: This scene is natural lighting. Very bright sun and the only shadow is Dwayne’s.
Shot and camera proxemics: The shot of Dwayne is a medium shot from a personal proxemic. One feels as if they can reach out and pat Dwayne on the back or pull him in for the hug he so desperately needs but is resisting. Olive and the others are in a long shot and public distance. Olive, however, is coming towards Dwayne and is about to enter Dwayne’s intimate range to give him the necessary hug. Sometimes saying nothing is the right thing to say. Olive, the only person in the group that had anything to lose by the delay, offers only her comfort and understanding to her devastated big brother.
Color Values: The brown dirt/hay combination of the ground contrasted nicely with the blue

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