Little Miss Sunshine Starts Off With The Ms. America Beauty Pageant

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Little Miss Sunshine starts off with the Ms. America beauty pageant. A young child name Olive Hoover, is watching the pageant on the television, fascinated with the events taking place. This film starts to address the idea of if there is only winners and losers, and how to be a winner. The point gets strongly put across as the father believes that you have to think you will win, and that is how you become a winner. The film becomes an eye opener for the viewers because it shows the amount of concern we have over winning, and how stereotypes affect a person’s life. The film continues to explain the main characters and their ‘issues’ and/or goals. After the beauty pageant has ended on the television we flash to Sheryl Hoover who is on her way to pick up her brother after he had try to kill himself. The brother’s name is Frank Ginsburg, and when they arrive at Sheryl’s house it is discovered that the little girl watching the pageant was her daughter. Her son, Dwayne Hoover, chooses not to speak and instead writes on a note pad. This became a norm; a rule or guideline regarding what kinds of behavior is acceptable and appropriate whining a culture, within the household (Ferris & Stein, 104). When dinner starts you meet the grandfather, Edwin Hoover, and learn more about the father’s, Richard Hoover, way of thinking. It is learned through the dinner that Frank is gay and the reason why he tried to kill himself. The father started to make statements about how he wasn’t mentally…

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