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“The research process” Flowchart

1. Identify the research problem: In this first phase you consider a research problem based in your interests and in your field.

2. Perform a literature review: Search for literature related to the problem to gain knowledge about the topic.

3. State the purpose of the study: It is important to be specific and clear when stating your purpose at the study.

4. Develop a research plan: Steps for developing and conducting your research that includes also how and when to collect data.

5. Contact stakeholders: Includes internal and external members of an institution who must review your research before conducting it, explaining and describing the potential benefits and plans of
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Select a database related to your field:
Results have to be relate specifically to your research 2. Focus your research
Use words and phrases that are likely to appear in relevant articles so in this way your searchers focused on a specific phenomenon. 3. Consider alternative spellings, acronyms, colloquial and technical terms
Use them for words and phrases in your research 4. Broaden the focus of your topic
Widen the aim if you are not satisfies with the number of results 5. Specify a date range
Depending on the subject and nature of your search you may need to locate older articles or latest information 6. Take notes and summarize each article that you read
You can track of the dates that you accessed the articles 7. Create a bibliography for your references
It is essential when citing a resource. You can use different methods such as APA style, MLA style or the Vancouver system.
A literature review is a critical evaluation of extensive research and theory relating to a specific topic. It is the process of analysis and synthesis of previous work in order to produce a summary of the knowledge on that topic. It gives insights into the background and context of a proposed study and is a logical, coherent argument that arises from a critical analysis of the state of knowledge in a specific topic area.
Important words found in the text: * YIELD.- the act of producing
Investment that

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