Literature Essay

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By: Amador Daguio

Pliant is the bamboo;
I am man of earth;
They say that from the bamboo
We had our first birth.

Am I of the body,
Or of the green leaf?
Do I have to whisper
My every sin and grief?

If the wind passes by,
Must I stoop and try
To measure fully
My flexibility?

I might have been the bamboo,
But I will be a man.
Bend me then, O Lord,
Bend me if you can.

Marcelino Agana, Jr.

SCENE: The parlor of the Mendoza house in Tondo. Front door is at right. Curtained window is at left. Left side of stage is occupied by a rattan set –sofa and two chairs flanking a table. On the right side of the stage, a cabinet radio stands against a back wall. Open
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MRS. M : (Standing beside his chair, putting on an apron) – How long have you been away?
TONY : Only three months.
MR. M : Only three months! Three months is too long for a Tondo native to be away from Tondo. Ay, my kumare, how bored she must be out there!
TONY : Well, Aling Atang, you know how it is with us engineers. We must go where our jobs call us. But as soon as I have finished with that bridge in Bulacan, mother and I are coming back here to Tondo.
MRS. M : Yes, you must bring her back as soon as possible. We miss her whenever we play panguingue.
TONY : (Laughing) --- That is what she misses most of all.
MRS. M : Now I understand how she feels! Your mother could never, never become a provinciana, Tony. Once a Tondo girl, always a Tondo girl, I always say. (She pauses, struck by a thought). But I wonder if that’s true after all. Look at my Kikay; she was over there in America for a whole year, and she says that she never, never felt homesick at all!
TONY : (Beginning to look nervous again) --- When … when did she, Kikay, arrive, Aling Atang?
MRS. M : Last Monday.
TONY : I didn’t know she had come back from New York until I read about in the newspapers.
MRS. M : (Plaintively) --- That girl arrived only last Monday and look at what has happened to me! When she first saw me, she was furious; she said that I need a complete overhauling. She dragged me off to a beauty shop, and look, look what she had

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