Essay about Literature Review : The Tree Of Heaven

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Literature Review
According to Danijela Petrović et al. (2011), the Tree of Heaven, Ailanthus altissma, is invasive on almost every continent because of the introduction from Southeast Asia and then on to Europe in the year 1751. Though the Tree of Heaven is very invasive in the United states. It is also very invasive in other countries as well. For example, a “study in Germany has shown that tree of heaven growing in 92% of cases in densely populated areas of Berlin, 25% in the suburbs, and only 3% outside the city in general” (p. 112). Because of the ability to survive given any conditions, the Tree of heaven is very invasive and can be involved in much damage to the environment. These researchers also described the Tree of heaven as a “. . . highly aggressive, invasive, and adaptable species that grows in different soil types, and just do not tolerate excess water and deep shade” (p. 111). Due to the tolerance it can withhold, the tree of heaven can have a major effect on other plant species. Petrović discusses how it is not the Tree of heaven, but rather should be named the “’tree of hell’ because of its invasiveness, spread, and difficulty in its eradication” (p. 114). The Tree of heaven is a highly invasive tree that has spread to most parts of the Unites States. There are several factors that have contributed to this highly unwanted characteristic of being invasive.
The most important characteristic of the Tree of Heaven’s invasiveness is the fact that it can…

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