Essay on Literature Review : Reading Reflections

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Assignment 3-1: Reading Reflections
What is a literature review? In order to facilitate a sound and thorough research paper, thesis, or study, one must first be aware of the existing documentation on a chosen topic. This background research is done through a process known as a literature review. The purpose of the literature review is to gather research before the thesis is begun, to see if the topic is feasible or needed. The literature review may appear in different parts of the final research document, depending on the type, but usually precedes the methodology and results section.

There are several types of literature reviews. A researcher can meld the research of others into their new research, critique existing research in the field, correlate two topics together and make a new topic of research, or create a new key issue to research. Most dissertations fall under the category of melding the research of others into their new research.

Within the category of a literature review, there are three subsets, or varieties, of literature reviews. They are known as quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Each will change the way the material is displayed and how research is conducted. Qualitative research relies on learning from the feedback from the participant and does not allow input from the interpretations or bias of the researcher. Quantitative research relies heavily on direction both from the participants and the literature review to provide…

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