Literature Review : Police Culture And A Changing Multicultural Environment

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Literature Review of “Police Culture in a Changing Multicultural Environment”
Citation: Crank, J. P. (2010). Police culture in a changing multicultural environment. Controversies in Policing, 53-72. In J. P. Crank’s piece, “Police Culture in a Changing Multicultural Environment” (2010) he looks to address the question of whether police culture is an impediment to reform (p.53). Crank goes about addressing that issue by presenting several different standpoints that help us think about the affects police culture can have on reform. Police secrecy is common issue discussed in those standpoints. In his subsection, “Community Police Reform Standpoints,” Crank states that police secrecy is a significant obstacle for culture reform, as it seems to entail a mask of avoidance and hostility towards civilians (Crank, 2010, p. 62). He continues to state that behind the “blue shield” or the veil of police secrecy there is “a great deal of resistance to gender and minorities” (Crank, 2010, p. 62). In another subsection, “Pro-Police Standpoint,” Crank offers a slightly different perspective on police secrecy. He states that this standpoint is founded in the idea of police contribution to society. Crank believes that the concept of “good faith” or the belief that officers do the morally right thing is a key feature of this standpoint. The concept of “good faith” “justifies a great deal of police secrecy, which reflects officers’ beliefs that they should protect each other in the face…

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