Essay on Literature Review on Training and Development

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Background of the study
The workplace today is in the state of metamorphosis with contemporary issues such as customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, revenue and expenditures, organizational culture, technological advancement, global market, diverse customer demands and need for effective work force with a global mind set, penetrating every aspect of the organization. Effective workforce is therefore crucial as it is the organization’s primary player in accomplishing goals and delivering service
In order for any organization to be more competitive and successful in achieving its goals, it would have to synergize all its resources which includes the human resources (HR) and their training and
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Others benefiting from the GIL products are the Economic Community of West African States, World Vision International, embassies, Office of the President of Ghana, the Parliament of Ghana, and the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies in Ghana.
The institute also has working relations with various universities, including all the public universities in Ghana, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Cuba, Libya, Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal, among others(retrieved 14/07/2010 from
GIL has three branches, Accra, Kumasi and Tamale with Accra serving as the head office.

Problem Statement
Employees are the most valuable assets of any organization hence their training and development help in achieving the organizational goals.
The teaching staffs of GIL have to work for not less than five years before they are qualified to further their education. The minimum qualification to be a tutor is a degree in a language or a higher diploma certificate in translation from the school of translators. (The school of translators is one of the schools in GIL and affiliated to the University of Ghana, Legon. Presently graduates are awarded a degree after completion of a 5 year course in translation).The past years, only few teachers have been sponsored by the Institute to further their education in the language area while others are

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