Literature Review On The Nurse Residency Program Essay

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Literature Review Related to The Nurse Residency Program (NRP) at Meridian Healthcare System: Transition from Novice to Expert
Evidence-Based Literature
For the new graduate nurses, the initial years of employment are an important period that determines whether they will transition from being a novice nurse to being an expert, or even a competent staff nurse. This period is also characterized by adjustment or high stress, which are factors that determine whether an individual will quit or remain entirely in the nursing profession (Berman, Johnson & West, 2014). Most new graduate nursing students experience a feeling of shock, immediately after they face the reality of their expectations not being met (Gopan, 2015). In addition, many challenges in the nursing profession, such as the shortage of nurses, high acuity, and low retention rate, force new nurses to undertake their duties with inadequate staffing, mandatory overtime hours, and increased workload (Zupanc, 2010). These challenges lead to lower retention rate among new members of staff in the nursing profession in comparison to older nurses. The increased demand of the job is stressful for nurses who have inadequate experience because of poor orientation and limited training period (Manzano et al, 2013). Based on the current research, around 30% of new graduates in the nursing profession lay down their tools and quit this profession within the first year after signing their contract with a health care provider…

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