Literature Review On Integration Of Technology Essay

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Literature Review on Integration of Technology in Education
In the effort to understand the integration of technology in education, researchers have been debating on its practical methods, advantages and disadvantage for a long time. Some have developed papers based on hand-on data in classrooms. Some have argued that technology itself is not capable of delivering moral qualities, and evolving ethical issues should be added to the technology education. Others, however, have argued potential concerns when integrating technology in education, such as the filtering system of schools’ internet. This literature review will discuss some of the latest published articles in the field of technology integration in education, including the methods of integrating, filtering system in schools’ internet, the unequal development of technology, cultural adaptation of teaching methods, and the importance of teachers in leading technology integration in education.
Technology Integration in Education
Digital Technology in the Classroom
In order to study the effect of technology integration in education, many educators have conducted researches based on real classrooms. The article “On Our Minds: Meaningful Technology Integration in Early Learning Environments” (2008) has showed Ms. Evan and Ms. Green’s teaching experiences with the assistance of technology. They have been teaching 28 children aging from 4 to 5 for two years while integrating technologies in their classroom.…

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