Autocratic Leadership Style Essay

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1. Introduction
In the last decade many companies in the environment of global competitive market put more effort to develop corporate culture and right managerial leadership style. The main reason for that is due the general recognition that these variables can be the significant difference for people and organization outcomes. Managerial leadership style is so important because every employee brings his personal values, attitudes and believes to the workplace. The way the managers influence the employee and create engagement, play significant role in the performance of the organization (Felfe and Schyns, 2004).

2. Leadership theory

In order to discuss the leadership styles, it is necessary to clarify the term leadership.
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The leaders whom lead though authoritarian style decides by them own which goals to be achieved and dictate the policies and control every activity. The goals need to be reached under constant supervision by the leader and he must able to motivate the group in order to finish the task.

2.2 Democratic leadership style
In democratic leadership style the leader gives guidance to the group and allows the group members to participate in formulating of the decision. That leadership style makes the people more engaged with the working process and give them ability to be creative which increase the quality of work and motivation. The final word in a decision-making process is taken by the leader.

2.3 Laisser-faire leadership style

Laisser-faire leadership style gives just a little or no guidance of the member of the team and the final word in decision making process. This leadership style is implementable for team from experts or people which are ready to take personal responsibility. I opposite case the team member’s blame each other for the mistakes and lack of progress in

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