Essay about Literature Review : Does The Act Of Terrorism?

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Literature Review
R1: Does the act of terrorism in countries mean there is low to minimal security within these countries.
R2: Looking at the act of terrorism during the United States of America’s (USA) 9/11 attack, Does this show there is low to minimal security within our countries? Did this attack increase terrorism through social media or technology?
The goal of this literature review is to determine whether the 9/11 attack on America is associated and indicates that our countries have low to minimal security, also made this attack lead to the increase of terrorism through social media or technology. It will identify whether the security levels have been compromised and determine whether 9/11 attacks are the cause of the growth in social media or technological terrorism. Through evidence and other scholar’s writings, I will evaluate and find the appropriate answer for this question.
Since 11 September 2001, the tragic event of the twin towers caused for the United States of America’s (USA) security to be on the increase. The implementation of many ‘hard and soft’ security strategies was introduced to allow for ‘intensive surveillance and control of the movement of suspect populations’ (Levi and Wall 2004, 194). The act of 9/11 questioned the safety level of America, asking if America had the adequate security level to protect their people and country. Levi and Wall (2004), expressed that problems lied between whether USA’s small to minimal security…

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