Literature Review Cooperative Communication Essay

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We have introduced a new form of diversity for the concept of mobile communications system of cooperation. Cooperation by mobile phone users for each user is assigned. Cooperation can be considered as a new form of space diversity, antenna diversity in the transmission process, however, and other complications, Intermobiles noisy channels, each phone has sent a separate message. (W. Yu and T. Lan, 2007, pp. 2646–2660)
According to A. Goldsmith (2005), wireless communications technology is asking as functions of mobile access. Since its inception, it has gone through several stages of development. Its wide range of applications to meet growing demand. (A. Goldsmith, 2005) Multipath fading
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In this case, cooperative communication, allowing users to easily load on the network, improve the capacity and battery life.
According to Cover and El Gamal (1979), cooperation and exchange of ideas, the use of relay nodes to assist the transmission of information transfer from El Jamal and Cover work. They also provide a channel to express the extent of degraded relay, the communication channels between the relay from the source and origin of the body the link destination. (Cover and El Gamal, 1979) This work is the key to communications relay, even if the development is the use of multi-hop communication. (W. Yu and T. Lan, 2007, pp. 2646–2660)
In 2004, Sendonaris and others detailed about the development of cooperation and exchange programs and a description of the system. In the same year, Laneman explained the cooperation of network capacity for communication and behavior of failure. These two works were used as the basis for research cooperation in the field of communications. Since then, numerous studies have been done in exchange for cooperation. (Chandrasekaran, 2005)
According to D. Tse and P. Viswanath (2005), support existing wireless ad - ad hoc communication Concepts the basic idea is to use the relay node for the transmission of information to help with transportation. (D. Tse and P. Viswanath, 2005) Ad-hoc network, nodes can immediately connect to another network, and connects to a node outside the coverage of transmission is

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