Essay on Literature Review : Australian Youth

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Literature Review

Australian youth in general are pleased with their health, yet evidence suggests that rising rates of mental illness, sexually transmitted diseases and risk taking behaviour (especially binge drinking) are of immense concern. The consequent burden of disease attributed to this phenomenon needs to be a priority of all health promotion stakeholders. Discuss

A majority of young people rate their health as good, very good or excellent (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2011) which reveals that youth are pleased with their health although studies are showing that rising rates of mental disorders and risk taking behaviour are becoming a major concern. Many influences that could affect these findings such as biological and behavioural factors.

Multiple research has been undertaken to look at the concern of mental illnesses, sexually transmitted diseases and risk taking behaviour such as binge drinking of our youth. Studies conducted by Healey, J., & Ebooks Corporation. (2011), Degenhardt, L., O 'Loughlin, C., Swift, W., Romaniuk, H., Carlin, J., Coffey, C., Patton, G. (2013) & Morgenstern, M., Sargent, J., Sweeting, H., Faggiano, F., Mathis, F., & Hanewinkel, R. (2014) focus on the important facts and effects on binge drinking to our health, where they each discuss providing information about binge drinking, how prevalent it is in our society and the influences from advertisement. Connell, A., Patton, E., & McKillop, H. (2015) also…

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