Literature Review : Animal And Feminist Theory Essay

786 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Within feminist theory, feminist scholars are concerned with a broad range of issues and topics for discussion. Animal studies is a new and edgy field, especially in the context of feminist theory. The general findings of the review include patriarchal schemas, and speciesism as an institution of oppression influencing and interconnected with sexism and racism. While there are notable authors and scholars within the field of animal studies in feminist theory (see Carol Adams and Josephine Donovan), it is still relatively unestablished. This literature review will examine the prominent discourses in animal and feminist theory.
First, I will explore the historic and contemporary connections of animal studies within feminist waves and discussions. Then, this paper will address speciesism as a system of oppression and infrahuman prejudices, and I will discuss the interconnectedness of oppressions between speciesism and sexism. I will subsequently analyze the patriarchal dominance of nature, the dichotomy of control, and the concept of “Othering.” Following, this literature review will examine female exploitation, namely in terms of reproduction, sexual rights*, and essentialism. This paper will additionally address the connections between masculinity and meat. I will then discuss animal studies within race theory and the relation of speciesism and racism. Care theory will be discussed as a branch of modern feminist theory. Lastly, this paper will summarize scholars’ responses…

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