Literature Review : Adhd And The Difficulties Essay examples

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Literature Review
The purpose of this study is to explore ADHD and the difficulties it creates in comprehension. In retrieving the reviewed literature, the researcher utilized WilsonSelectPlus and ERIC (Education Resources Information Center). The keywords used to search for the literature were ADHD, comprehension, listening and reading. It became apparent to the researcher in the search that there is not much research literature pertaining to comprehension or comprehension interventions for students with ADHD. There is a high need for more research in this area.

The review of literature defines ADHD and discusses the subtypes of ADHD, the typical symptoms of ADHD and typically displayed difficulties in students with ADHD. It also explores causes of comprehension issues in both reading and listening. Interventions and strategies for assisting ADHD students in comprehension are also divulged. The concentration of the literature is divided into three perspectives. The first perspective of the literature review focuses on defining ADHD, including the symptoms and difficulties involved. The second perspective of the literature review involves ADHD and comprehension. The last perspective explores strategies and interventions for students with ADHD.

Defining ADHD, the Symptoms and the Difficulties
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most prevalent mental disorders found in children. This brain condition is usually first…

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