Literature Review : ( 700 Words ) Essay

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Literature review: (700 words)
The sensory “The sensory is how we sense and understand the world. These processes begin when specific types of stimuli activate specialized sensory receptors. Whether the stimulus is light, sound, touch or ambiance. Then our sensory receptors must translate the information into nerve impulses. Once this translate occurs, specialized neurons break down and analyses the specific feature of stimulus.” (Passer,2009) - Sensation is “the stimulus detection process by which our sense organs respond to and translate environmental stimuli into nerve impulses that are sent to the brain. Perception is making “sense” of what our sense tell us. It is the active process of organizing this stimulus input and giving it meaning. Sensation becomes perception sensory and perceptual processes proceed from the reception and transition of physical stimuli into nerve impulses. The brain then receives the nerve impulses, organizes and confers meaning on them, and constructs a perceptual experience.” (Passer,2009 : 389)

The very young audience with the atmosphere - The theory of Jean Piaget that it is important to allow children to engage with materials and equipment in their own time and in their own space as well as provide rich and stimulating environment so children are able to test out their ideas (Penn, 2014). - Steven Rose have claims that children see the world very vividly but that they gradually learn to screen out the intensity of their…

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