Literature And Historical Documents From The Vietnam War Essay

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There are many testaments conserved in archive (in works of literature and historical documents) that narrate the experiences of the immigrants and their history, others talk about soldiers in the Vietnam War while other narrate about poverty and the great depression. Such history and english works are important because they communicate the truth about the experiences of American in relation to these factors. In addition, the literary and historical documents describe real or fictional events that took place, and that has helped in shaping the experience and history of America. What’s more, when communicating the truth of the American experience through the literary fiction and historical works, there are advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of Literary Fiction
Literary fiction that tell the stories of immigrants who came to America tells about the conflict of the American culture and the native culture of the immigrants. The literature narrates about a universal experience of the immigrants and even though the authors only use their imagination, the truth in these fictional stories is absolute. One of the advantages of literary fiction is that everything narrated took place even if it was in a different setting and with different characters; therefore, the experiences are true. For instance, in the history of immigration, Indians migrated to America and had to adopt the culture of Americans. However, there was a conflict with the integration of the Indian and the…

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