Literary Techniques Will Be Discussed Essay

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1. In the introductory paragraph or start of the outline, does your classmate specify the conflict(s), author(s), title of text(s), and techniques that he or she will be writing about? If not, let your classmate know what information might be missing below. The introduction paragraph does not specify the conflict that the paper will be discussing. However it does give examples of what conflicts will be discussed. The introduction clearly states the authors names, titles of the literature, but does not state what literary techniques will be discussed. I would recommend placing the type of conflict that you will be discussing in the introduction. For example if it is individual verses self then put that in the introduction. Furthermoore, address what literary techniques will be discussed. You have wrote that there will be literary techniques in the paper, but did not write what they would be.

2. What is your classmate’s thesis statement? State it in your own words. If you cannot identify the thesis statement, suggest a working thesis statement to your classmate. The thesis statement in the paper written by Justin Tickle is as follows “This paper will analyze the conflict in the short story “What You Pawn I Will Redeem” by Sherman Alexia and the poem “Ways of Talking” by Ha Jin which centers on overcoming personal grief and struggles, representing commitment and persistence, and showing that personal conflicts can be overcome through sincerity, hard work, and an unbroken…

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