Literary Techniques : Sharon Olds Essay

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Sharon Olds Poetry Essay

Sharon Olds writes her poems in a way that establishes intimate connection with the reader and creates deep meanings, expressing her personal and emotional family life in her poems. Sharon Olds uses methods of literary techniques such as metaphor, repetition, alliteration, imagery and symbolism to convey meaning in her poems. Olds’s poems, "The victims" , "One Year", "The Race", and "The Daughter Goes to Camp" have different meanings that reflect on her life. Olds’s use of the literary techniques help the reader understand and connect to the poem making it easier to find the meaning.
In her poem “The Victim," Old uses different literary techniques to convey the message that every single family member suffers and becomes a victim when a divorce occurs in the family. The poem is divided into two major parts. Olds’s view of the divorce as a child, where she reveals huge hatred and anger towards her father and how her mother was a victim of it. The second half is on her views on divorce as an adult where she realizes that her mother taught her to hate her father, and she starts to sympathize him because he has lost everything. Olds uses metaphor to compare her feeling towards her father and how he failed her by comparing him to the former president Nixon.
Then you were fired, and we grinned inside, the way people grinned when
Nixon 's helicopter lifted off the South
Lawn for the last time. (4-7).
This metaphor explains how much pain…

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