Englishman's Boy Stylistic Analysis

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The novel The Englishman’s Boy was a novel written by Guy Vanderhaeghe. It has a very dry beginning however the once the reader gets past that it begins to become a very interesting novel. The author has a very strong ending and that makes it effective but it also has other ineffective parts. The author whose style is interesting it is hard to follow at the beginning but once the reader understands. The author has been both effective and ineffective in the way that the novel has been written.

A part of his style that is hard for a reader to follow is the frame narrative. The timeframe will be in one time and then without warning will switch to a different timeframe. In the beginning, it begins with a character named Fine Man and Broken Horn were walking with a couple of horses and then suddenly it is talking about some other guys named Fitzsimmons, Mr.Chance, and Harry Vincent (3-5). Which is very hard for a reader to follow. Which makes the novel not as fun to read and harder to read. Not only is it hard to follow, though, it leaves the reader hanging, like when Shorty says, “You got your pencil and paper out?” and “Fifteen hundred dollars … Now I know the going rate on a dead Indian. Near fifty dollars a head” (204). Then it switches back to the hollywood frame of the story and leaves the reader hanging and the hollywood part is not
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It is effective in the way that the characters are developed. It is ineffective in the way that the characters are introduced and the way that the frame of the story is being told. This is hard to follow especially if this is the readers first time reading a Guy Vanderhaeghe novel. It is a difficult novel to read if the reader is not a strong reader and overall very dry to read in the beginning but has some strong exciting parts and is a good

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