Literary Satire In Alsud Huxley's Brave New World

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In the novel Brave New Wolrd Aldus Huxley talks about many social and political issues in his time. Alsud Huxley uses many literary elements to talk about these political and social issues and masterfully crafts them to take part in the meaning of the book as a whole.The main literary devices the author uses are satire, repetition, and imagery.
The main focus of the novel Brave New World is satire to the most extreme.The entire novel, except the end, can be summed up as satire. The book begins is a center where they make children using machines and conveyor belts, and this is a huge satire on the model T and the assembly line. During the time this book was written Henry Ford had just made the assembly line which made the model T car at incredibly
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There is also the constant talk about parents and family of all sorts. In the novel parents and siblings are seen as perverted and everytime they are mentioned people blush and get embarrassed. This is a reference to the
Barton 2 fact that people during the depression started drifting away from family and more towards individualism because at any time any family could just drop dead and there was no telling how, why, or when. Basically the whole novel is a huge satire explaining the downfalls of society during the great depression.
The next major literary device Huxley uses is repetition. The largest amount of repetition is in the usage of soma. In the World State society soma is a drug made from cocaine and hallucinogenic drugs to make a person happy and carefree. In their society anytime you begin to experience any amount of sadness or discomfort you take a soma. This fact is drilled into the kids minds with sayings like "A gramme is better than a damn" and “A gramme in time saves nine.”, which are things lenina says in the story many times. This is a reference to the large amount of drug use during Huxley's time because living in the depression was hard and
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This is an obvious reference to the fact that sleeping around was beginning to look like nothing big in the eyes of people during this time period, and it was ok to get a street worker or go to a strip club to let off a little steam.
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The last major literary device Huxley uses is imagery. His biggest use of imagery comes from his use of feeling because everyone in the World State society does everything for pleasure. Whether it is having sex with anyone you please, or taking a some to feel better, it’s all about personal pleasure. This is obviously a reference to the pleasure first society that was beginning to develop during Huxley’s time. Considering that people during the depression didn’t get much pleasure in life they took everything they could get and it slowly developed into a pleasure seeking ordeal.
This novel is very deep and expresses a lot of issues beginning to develop during
Huxley’s time, and though it is satire it does apply to our lives today. Basically everything expressed in this novel can be applied to our lives but in a more moderate way. It is

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