Essay on Literary Pieces That Inspired Thinking

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An author 's voice, style, tone, and intent is the way an author expresses their writing that is personalized and distinguishable only to them. It can not be replicated or copied by any one but the author themselves. The style is what is used to fit a specific context and or purpose. The voice helps the author express their style by adding personality. The tone is an author 's attitude to the topic. The intent is the main message the author is trying to get across to the reader. Authors that have achieved success in their own ways are Atul Gawande, Dave Cullen, Malcolm Gladwell, and David Wallace Foster. Each of these four authors wrote literary pieces that inspired thinking. Each use their writing to express their ideas and get their readers to question the how and why. Because of their voice, style, tone, and intent, it is one of the big factors that can make or break their success. Columbine by Dave Cullen tells the story of what really did take place the day that two boys Eric and Dylan opened fired on their high school and the reasons behind their actions. Dave Cullen wrote Columbine to show readers the truth that was buried under all the myths; the myths was a result of the media jumping to conclusions based on the information at the time. To show the truth Cullen split the book into five parts that each focus on the before, during, and after the attack. The main storyline being the killer 's path to becoming mass murderers and survivors struggling with the…

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