Literary Narrative: What Makes Me the Writer I Am Today Essay

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Literary Narrative Writing is something that has never been easy for me. For most of my life I have tried to avoid it if I can, but of course I can't avoid stuff like school forever. So for the most part all of my writing has been forced upon me. Even with the help of teachers and some helpful hints from the internet, it never got easier. But obviously I have written before and like anyone else who has written before, there must have been some sort of influence. My main influences were the books I have read, my teachers who have helped me throughout the years, my experience, and strangely enough my music. My first influence as a writer were books. I read all the time, in the car, during school, etc etc. I always have one on me so I'm …show more content…
Without their help I would be nothing close to the writer I am today. My next influence as a writer comes from my experience. At one point in my life I did try writing recreationally. I tried starting a book, kept a journal, and a few other small things. I never thought I was very good so feedback was hard to come by because I was always to scared to show anyone hence the minimal feedback. But I still wrote and occassionally I got feedback. What made this valuable was all the practice and experience from these small things I did. And no doubt that a lot of the experience comes from my speeches and essays that I had to write for school. They all built up and made me a better writer because of it. As much as I disliked writing then and do now I wouldn't want to change anything about the experience of my previous writings. My last influence as a writer and probably the strangest influence is my music. Music has always been apart of my life like everyone else's. A reason music is such a big influence is because it helps me relax. Particularly when I'm writing. Even now as I write this essay I'm listening to music. If you look on my ipod you'll see music from many different genres and artists. They all represent how I feel as a person and reflect my moods. And by extention my moods effect my writing. It might be strange or abnormal but it works for me and helps me concentrate on my work and in my belief makes it better for the most

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