Literary Elements For Academic Writing Culture Essay

1736 Words Dec 9th, 2016 7 Pages
This paper is a reflective review of my works in class, an overview of how I use literary elements to appeal to academic writing culture in order to compose my writing identity.
Within my journals, I started with little knowledge of what was expected of me and within the first few assignments, I kept with a formal tone. I made sure to use full sentences, although lengthy and unclear, because I wanted to gain a feel for the class. Though, most of my writing is wordy and often leans towards run-on sentences, which is frowned upon in what I perceive is the academic standard for writing culture. For example, in journal 1, the entry is written objectively, stating facts taken from the Ted Talk I analyzed. The entry was composed of a list with information taken from the Ted Talk and then follows through with a summary of my thoughts and some conclusions based off of what I learned from the video.
It is important to note this because in many of my drafts for my works, I first used lists to throw around some ideas I could include. They helped me to also organize the format of the paper and put in the information pertinent to the paper. Like my drafts of project 1, I had divided and described my sources further so that I was able to find a pattern between their use of rhetoric. Or how I had composed my list so that was able to quickly summarize the topics of my sources used in project 2 so that I was able to make the paper flow better with the use of evidence and logical…

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