Literary Devices in Pride and Prejudice Essay

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Bishkek Humanities University named after K. Karasaev
The Faculty of European Civilizations
The English Language Department

“Peculiarities of the Lexical Stylistic devices
(Metaphor, metonymy, irony, simile, epithet) in the novel “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen”


Scientific Supervisor:
E. B. Jumakeeva
Done by:
Satarova Rahat, group: A08-2

Contents: Pages:
Chapter I. General survey of Stylistic Devices
I.1 Historical background of Style and Stylistics Devices
I.2 Types of Stylistic Devices

Chapter II. Peculiarities of the lexical Stylistic devices (metaphor, metonymy, irony, simile, epithet)
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* To trace the features of Jane Austen’s style of writing * To analyze the usage of lexical stylistic devices;
Carrying out our research we use the following methods: a descriptive method, the comparative analysis and a quantitative method, linguistic method of description, contextual and associate analyses.
The theoretical and practical value of the research
The scientific usage of the work is represented by the fundamental analysis of the theoretical knowledge about Stylistic Devices, and their functions.
The practical value of the work is represented by the possibility of the usage of practical and theoretical results of the work in further investigations of Jane Austen’s style. In our opinion the practical significance of my work is hard to be overvalued. This work reflects modern trends in linguistics and we hope it would serve as a good manual for those who want to master modern English language. This work can also be used by teachers of the English language for teaching the subject of stylistics. The present work might find a good way of implying in the following spheres:
In high schools and scientific circles of linguistics, it can be successfully used by teachers and philologists as a modern material for writing research works dealing with stylistics. * It can be

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