Essay about Literary Criticism Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Literary critic Cindy Vitto expands the idea that Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, can be interpreted as adolescent literature. Vitto asserts that the moral and cultural lessons expressed in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight were meant to teach noble adolescent males important values that would help them in their passage into adulthood. In order to support her argument Vitto alludes to the work of other literary critics and expands on the significance of events in the poem. The interesting interpretation of Gawain’s experiences through a psychoanalytical perspective reveals explanations to events in the poem that support Vitto’s thesis. Vitto alludes to the literal interpretation of the hunting scenes that tends to be overlooked by the parallel and symbolic value the scene is generally given. Critics and readers tend to ignore the vivid descriptions of the proper cleaning and disposing of captured game. To adolescent male nobles, this cultural task would not only be entertaining, but also necessary for survival. Hunting, according to Vitto is an activity of manhood, which Gawain as the boyish figure is excluded from. The parallel scenes to the hunt, the bedroom scenes, are paramount to Vitto’s argument. She states that the dangers of women and Gawain’s naiveté ultimately lead to his downfall. Gawain’s lack of experience prevent him from noticing the signs of danger and when he is invited into Bertilak’s castle. Furthermore, his naiveté prevents him from noticing the dangers…

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