Literary Criticism Of Shakespeare 's Hamlet Essay

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Literary Criticism of Shakespeare’s Hamlet Text
Literary criticism is a natural response to literature. Upon reading a book, people often tend to analyze and discuss the work of the authors. This informal criticism of literature is often unorganized, casual and subjective. In order to create more disciplined and precise ways of discussing literature, scholars have established various critical approaches that try to formulate general principles instead of discussing certain texts. These critical approaches to literature are not mutually exclusive and the methods can be mixed to meet the interests of the critics. This research paper will involve analysis of the Shakespeare’s Hamlet text through use of gender criticism approach.
Hamlet by Shakespeare is a play which involves the life of Prince Hamlet who finds himself played after the death of his father. He comes home for the funeral only to find his mother Gertrude remarried to Claudis, a brother to the dead king. Claudia crown himself as the king despite Hamlet being the heir of his father to the throne. Through his father’s ghost, Hamlet discovers that the King was murdered by Claudia who poured poison on the King’s ear while he slept. Hamlet is around to take revenge over the king’s death but leave Gertrude alone for Heaven to decide her fate (Shakespere 32).
Upon proving that the king was truly killed by Claudius, he decides to kill Claudius but he becomes reluctant making him to kill six people in the process. They…

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