Marge Vs. The Monorail: The Simpsons

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The Simpsons are often looked at as simply a comedy show but in reality the television program is so much more. The Simpsons have been around since 1989 and from the beginning of it’s conception the writers have been commenting on the world around them. The program started a revolution in the television world and has sparked many copy cat shows. The show can be considered one of the greatest show in the history of television. This not simply because it creates laughs on the surface but under the surface the show provides cultural references and comments on the American society. Whether the show is discussing family values or the role of women in society The Simpsons have continually been on the forefront of change and political discourse. …show more content…
the Monorail” the message is clearly made that women are undervalued in society. This episode alone presents great literary and cultural value and while the episode aired twenty six years ago it still holds true today. This episode is a great example of the show transcending the idea that t is just a comedy show because the episode makes a bold argument for how women in america are treated. While America was founded on the belief in equality that hasn’t completely happened. Women in America are still not considered equals to men. They often make less and their opinions are also often undervalued. In the episode “Marge vs. the Monorail” it can be seen how most American men treat women. The plot of the episode is this. The town gets a influx of money and holds a town meeting to decided what to do with that money. A lot of non sensible ideas are being tossed around until Marge presents the town with a sensible one. When she does this she is completely ignored and the men shun her and go with a man’s illogical idea to build a monorail in the small town. While Marge is the main character in the story Lisa also faces discrimination, When she tries to point out the flaws with having a monorail in such a small town which is a completely sensible way to look at the situation she is completely shut up. This episode sheds a light on a serious problem in America and that is inequality between men and women. This episode has great cultural and literary value. The role of women in America has been suppressed and The Simpsons used their comedy to convey a very important message which is that women are just as smart if not more intelligent than men and should be treated as equals. By showing both Marge and Lisa getting discriminated it shows that Marge was ignored because of who she is but because she is women. Having both Lisa and Marge being shunned by men it shows what The Simpsons really think about the American society and how women have

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