Essay about Literary Analysis of a Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

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Literary Analysis of A very old Man with Enormous Wings
This short story, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is an example of magic-realism. Through this story, Marquez introduces four concepts with regard to how we might react to certain things like the presence of an angel or a miracle. These kinds of divine events are very common in Hispanic culture; most of them are just folklorism. Marquez creates a story that is very detailed but is opposite to the reality of angels that we’re familiar with, specially the Catholic Church’s depiction of an angel as a prominent creature, not the person described in the story. The appearance: Most people of this fishing village believe the old man is an angel,
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Also, in the case of Pelayo and Elisenda, they don’t see their miracles, their baby recovers as soon as the angel shows up and they get rich. Disbelief: This is represented particularly by the priest, Gonzaga, who upon seeing the appearance of the angel seriously wonders whether to believe or not. By the

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