Literary Analysis : The Yellow Wallpaper

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Danielle Novy
Professor Herbers
English 105
17 October 2016
Literary Analysis : The Yellow Wallpaper
When does one realize that they are in an overpowering and unhealthy relationship? Is it when one’s own mental health is compromised? In The Yellow Wallpaper, Charlotte Perkins Gilman displays how oppressive domestic relationships lead to mental instability. In her husband’s eyes, the central character, Jane, does not fit the standards of the ideal woman. He does not allow her to express herself and he isolates her from the outside world in hopes of curing her mental instability. Rather than curing her, his restrictive commands and limitations lead her on a path of insanity. All in all “Domestic Oppression leads to mental instability”, and this is emphasized throughout the story using the literary elements of point-of-view, setting, and symbolism.

Using the first-person point-of-view Gilman allows the audience an inside look on Jane’s compromised state of mind, as well as what’s going on in reality. As the story unravels, the reader forms an empathetic relationship with Jane as she sinks slowly into insanity. Jane’s husband, John, prescribes to her the “rest cure.” In complete isolation and with no connections to the outside world, all she has are her own thoughts and the hideous yellow wallpaper that surrounds her. As the time passes and Jane’s days of isolated rest continue, Jane feels a new formed sense of attachment to the yellow wallpaper that surrounds her -…

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