Summary Of The Perfect Time Never Comes Chapter 19

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Chapter 19
The Perfect Time Never Comes

An unguarded and uncontrolled ambition is as devastating as inactivity itself. Motion without planning is futile – we need to know where we are going and how to get there. We must not live our lives like the person who shoots an arrow aimlessly at the side of a barn and then circles any spot where the arrow hits. Such a person gives little thoughts to his projected target, he looks for ways to calm his soul that he has hit success. Many individuals do not take the pains to plan their lives. They may have a faint idea of what they intend to achieve but they shy away from preparing for their future. This point is true based on two cogent perspectives.

What does it entail to make plans for the future?
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On the contrary, intelligent people can always find endless rationales that support different courses of action. It’s human nature to want to keep our options open, and as the ego looms larger, it magnifies the fear of commitment. We do not want to be wrong or feel restricted. It always looks for a way out when the journey does not pan out as we intended. Yet the ego built this back door out of fear, and indecision doesn’t free us; it keeps us trapped and bends us into someone who is afraid to live. Nothing will become of our lives—NOTHING—until we decide what we want out of life. We cannot experience enduring success without making a profound commitment to that decision. If we don’t recognize this truth, we can’t go any …show more content…
Imagine a mother who loses sight of her child on a busy sidewalk. Does she care what anyone thinks about her as she frantically yells out her child’s name? She will do whatever is necessary to find her child and therefore engages in behaviors outside the scope of her typical personality. Her thoughts focus on her one objective—to find her child.

Fear of failure is illogical and irrational because it’s ego-based. We contort our thinking to avoid facing the truth—that we feel scared. We play it safe and convince ourselves that we’re playing it smart. How much better to live in reality; to pursue and to try, authentically, honestly, and earnestly, and to experience temporary setbacks and failures, rather than living a life of hiding, failing every moment.

We will never find a perfect time to do anything, and if we wait for all of the stars to align before we take action, we are, in blunt language, waiting for our death. Great people across a wide range of fields and industries exhibit a pattern of conscience and conviction: they decide, commit, and persist. They know who they are and what they want, and they simply don’t give

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