Literary Analysis Of Willa Cather's Death Comes For The Archbishop

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Register to read the introduction… Whereas a novel is a long fictional story written in prose, Willa Cather writes Death Comes for the Archbishop more episodically. She uses books within the book to signify a significant passage of time, but doesn't always neatly connect to the previous book. Although she gets her points across, Cather seems to tell the story in separate episodes instead of altogether as one story. It seems as though she wants more focus on each of these books. To be used to point out a specific event, or put more emphasis in the doings of the people in each book, who knows. It's almost as though each book is a separate story being told from the beginning to end, connecting a little to the book before it in order to maintain a little bit of smoothness in the writing as a whole.

In a narrative, the author gives an account of actions or events. In Death Comes for the Archbishop, I believe Willa Cather writes the story both as a narrative and as a novel. She does in fact give accounts of actions and events, yet she weaves a tale of fiction into the

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