Literary Analysis Of ' The Wife Of Bath ' Essay

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Literary Analysis of the Wife of Bath

The Wife of Bath was written by Geoffrey Chaucer. The story starts with a narrator who prides herself on being able to use her beauty to control her husbands. She admits that of her 5 husbands she was only able to charm 3 of them; it was only when they were drunk. The narrator tells a tale of how a young man must find what women truly desire or be killed. This story tells how karma can come back around and give you a taste of your own medicine. Through the various literary devices, I found that the irony in the story was most common.

Walter C. Long refers to Alisoun as “Alice the master rhetorician” because of her extension of the equality of men and women under the marriage “debitum” to the whole of their relations. He give her this name because as she was trying to make a point to the friar about how most women are no good and she begins to tell him her story. The narrator was a woman that thought because of beauty and her sexual power she could get anything she wanted from her husbands. Her first three husbands were older, rich men that she used to get their money. Her last two husbands were men that most women would say are “bad” for you. The fourth husband

had a mistress and she was ok with it. She always tried to make him jealous. Her last husband (Jankyn) was a man that she actually loved. From the way she described the others, she never loved them she just wanted what they could offer her. Jankyn was man of many things,…

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