Literary Analysis Of ' The Story ' Essays

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Literary Analysis
The story begins with Madame Valmonde recalling the event of her finding Desiree as a abandon baby lying asleep next to a big pillar. Desiree grows up and Armand Aubigny, a plantation owner, fell in love with her. They were eventually married even though Armand doesn’t know her origin. Later on the two had a baby and there was great joy in the family. Valmonde visit Desiree as she recover from giving birth. They discuss about the baby and Armand. Armand became light hearted person after the birth of the baby. As the baby got older the skin complexion of the baby got darker. Armand is furious about the baby’s skin complexion and tells Desiree that she is black and that she is the reason why the baby is black. Desiree startle and shock by the accusation she writes a letter to Madame Valmonde about her new profound troubles. Madame Valmonde responds to the letter and tells her to return home to her. Torn by the new discovery she confronts Armand one more time. She ask him “Should I go, Armand?” He replies “Yes, go.” Desiree and her baby walks to the bayou and was never seen again. Armand goes through his letters and found a letter from his mother to his father. In the letter he founds out that his mother was cursed with the brand of slavery, which makes him the one black not Desiree. The author Kate Chopin in the story “Desiree’s Baby” connects and ties the story effectively with different literary techniques. Chopin uses the setting of the story brilliantly,…

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