Literary Analysis Of The Poem For The Union Dead

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Analysis of the poem "For the Union Dead."
Analysis of the poem For the Union Dead entails interpretation of poetic forms and elements of metaphor used in writing the poem. Form of a poem refers to the possible set of rules and associated poetic styles used in different ways to bring certain meanings and concepts within a poem. Form incorporates the rules while it describes different elements related to rhythm and meter of a poem. Therefore, the form of a poem incorporates analysis of ideas and concepts such as rhyme, alliteration, and schemes in the writing of a poem. On the other hand, metaphor refers to certain kinds of figures of speech used within hidden comparisons and between things to explain certain ideas, which might either be related or unrelated (Gale, 5). Therefore, metaphor comprises of certain contradictory objects within a poem that has the same characteristics as the explanation of certain ideas or concepts. The poem “For the Union Dead” uses form and metaphor into explaining and discussing the language of the poem related to certain themes or literary arguments into the development of certain ideas and concepts.
The form of the poem
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The form of the poem brings rhyme by the use of words such as South Boston and Aquarium Stands at the beginning to signify private meditation and memories sourced from childhood experiences. The use of the words brings rhythm and development of a quiet environment to bring back memories and meditate upon the memories in a quiet, serene environment. The rhythm reminds Robert Lowell of the confessional experiences and experiences that changed a lot more in Robert Shaw life as one of the Union officers during a certain period of a civil

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