Literary Analysis Of Sandra Cisneros By Sandra Gonzales

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Register to read the introduction… He tells us that this is because of certain unavoidable aspects of her existence, such as “poverty, marginalization, migration, class subordination, regional dialect” (Gonzales 12). This is something that, as a bilingual reader, was apparent when reading the novel. Depending on one’s social class, a reader may see the text as “too literal” at times (Gonzales 12). This was a recurring reaction, while reading the novel, and is dependant entirely on who you are as a reader. Some of the language in the novel was of what some bilingual reader may see as not only Chicano, but also as a lower class way of speaking. Once again this is entirely dependant on who you are as a reader and that is part of what Gonzales is focusing on is his article. The differentiation of interpretation, which changes grandiosely depending on whether one is bilingual, monolinguistic, American, or Mexican. There are examples within Caramelo that exhibit racial prejudice such as: Celaya thinking that “beautiful is Aunty Light Skin” (Cisneros 34); “How can you let that Indian play with you…she’s dirty” (Cisneros 36); and Celaya’s grandmother saying “my son could have done better than marrying a woman who can’t even speak proper Spanish. You sound like you escaped from the ranch” (Cisneros 85). Gonzales argues that these evident differences in cultures and …show more content…
His article is effective in supporting what he is wishing to prove: the effect that translation has on bilingual and monolingual readers; the defamiliarization that comes with diasporas; the differing aspects between Chicano and traditional Mexican cultures.

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