Ms. Emily And Her Tangled Web Analysis

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Ms. Emily and Her Tangled Web

A “Rose for Emily” has a surprising start, where the reader begins at the end of Ms. Emily’s story. The opening scene is the funeral for Ms. Emily Grierson, being of Southern tradition the townspeople come to pay their respects out of their own inquisitiveness needs. Faulkner plays with his readers as her tale unfolds. It is only as one reads further that they learn more about Ms. Emily, and the life she led. Faulkner only lets his readers see moments of her life at a time through flashbacks as one of the townspeople retells her story. Beginning the story in this fashion only draws the reader in to find out more out Ms. Emily, and her twisted tale. Could Ms. Emily not be in her right state of mind? Is there
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Emily and her life. Faulkner introduces his readers to a few distant cousins that Ms. Emily has, as well as a love interest. It is said that when the cousins come to visit they try to discourage the relationship because Homer, her love interest, was a “Yankee” let alone a laborer. She is destined to be watched, especially when she dates a Yankee. The townspeople whisper and gossip about the love affair, regarding it as a scandal (Chenghsun, 2014). Being of Southern tradition this was not something that was accepted. Ms. Emily is seen at the druggist buying arsenic without an explanation as to why. Many of the townspeople believe that Emily is going to use it to kill herself. Why would no one try to intervene if that was truly what they thought? In fact, their denial is almost as unreasonable as Ms. Emily. The townspeople do see Homer make one more appearance to see Ms. Emily. It is not until after the death of Ms. Emily that we find the true fate of Homer Barron. It is believed that the arsenic was used to kill just not for her own death. After the townspeople go into Ms. Emily’s home and up to the second floor they find Mr. Barron in his bed clothes, or what is left of them. While he had been gone for a few decades she still continued to lay next to him. It seems that her father’s death was not the only one she could not accept. She cuts off connections with the outside world, sleeping next to his dead body and living lonely and desperately until her death forty years later (Chenghsun, 2014). It is not until the very end of the story that we find out just how tangled Ms. Emily web actually

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