Mitchell Margaret Of Gone With The Wind Analysis

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It is extremely rare for someone to just write one book and be famous and important in the literary world. The author Mitchell Margret of Gone with the Wind did it, However. Since 1936, this book had been published, it has been translated into 29 different kinds of languages, and remains the most popular novel until today and has great impact on people. ( )

This story contains many aspects of life: about attitudes, choices, relationship between people, and so on.

The contrast between the prewar Scarlett and the postwar Scarlett shows that one should love life and cherish hope .In addition, women should be creative, optimistic, strong, independent and brave. The love story shows that one should
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In a relationship, only if the couples trust each other can they remain it long, because love cannot live without trust.

Ⅳ. Enlightment for modern women:

(1) Change alone the circumstances

It’s not easy to let a person forget the prosperous living and live a poor life. In the movie Sense and Sensibility, when the mother disliked and avoided their new but shabby cottage, her daughter Elinor said: “Things are different now, we are no loner wealthy, and you cannot judge the cottage by the standard of our former splendid manor.”(from the movie sense and sensibility. ) Scarlett is like Elinor, they changed their minds and refused to sit still and waiting for death.

(2)Be optimistic when go through tough lives

At the end of this book, after Scarlett suffered many difficulties and losses, and she did not know what will happen to her next, she said : “after all, tomorrow is another day!”(Mitchell Margret. Gone with the Wind. Nanjing. Yilin Press.2000.Print, page1235)

This simple sentence really shocked me. No matter what difficulties one is going through, being optimistic can help him struggle
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Be brave when facing hardships

“As God as my witness, they 're not going to lick me. I 'm going to live through this and when it 's all over, I 'll never be hungry again. No, nor any of my folk. If I have to lie, steal, cheat, or kill, as God as my witness, I 'll never be hungry again.” (Mitchell Margret. Gone with the Wind. Nanjing. Yilin Press.2000.Print page509)this is what Scarlett said when she returned to Tara. I am touched, moved and was proud of Scarlett when reading this.

In Sense and Sensibility, Margaret said: “If I were a brother instead of I am a sister, I would fight Willoughby and kill him with my sword. I wish I was a man. Girls cannot do everything. Men can ride about the country and do things, and girls just sit and wait for things to happen.”(from the movie sense and sensibility )

But why can’t a girl be brave and do things like men do? Scarlett did. Being brave may not secure success, but to be a coward is bound to fail.

ⅵ. Conclusion

This book is popular around the world, because it taught people a lot and especially suggested girls what to do in life.

It shows the importance of loving life and cherishing hope, and what good characters should women have. It also tells us trust is necessary between

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