Literary Analysis Of Langston Hughes's Mother To Son

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Not everyone is born equal to one another. Some may be lucky and have everything set out for them, some are born with just enough to satisfy their needs, and some are unfortunate and starts out with little to nothing at all. However, it is those who starts out with the least amount of things that have the most potentials. In the poem, “Mother to Son”, a mother writes to her son encouraging him and to tell him to never give up. Throughout the story, the mother reveals a little bit about her own life explains what she did to get to where she is today. Through the use of the poem,”Mother to Son”, Langston Hughes through the use of metaphor, explores the struggle to live free from oppression as an African American in America. In “Mother to Son” …show more content…
In this other analysis of the poem, it delves into the poem revealing many elements that is both somewhat straightforward and others that many may have missed or glossed over while reading this poem: “This poem is based on the idea of hope and encouragement to move forward in life, despite all difficulties, and no matter how tough life may become. It is also the demonstration of the love a mother has for her son. Behind this love, the poet emphasizes the idea of never giving up in any situation”(Literary Device). Most likely, anyone who have read the poem realized that it is a story of encouragement from a mother to son. What may not be so obvious is the mother is emphasizing the idea of never giving up. The mother does so because she understands the hardship that her son is going through. She too, have had a similar experience to what the son is currently facing. And even though her perseverance doesn’t result in an elegant lifestyle, she is still alive and well. Without going through such a similar experience to her son, it would have been impossible for the mother to have endow her ideology to her son. Had she been born in a circumstances in which she were to be living in a luxurious lifestyle, she may have found a completely different answer instead since she wouldn’t have to go through so much hardship. By emphasizing the idea of never giving up, the mother …show more content…
However, whether or not that dream can become a reality depends solely on the individual. Chances are, they would have little to no help at all. It is entirely possible that they may have done everything that they can and still won’t be able to escape poverty. But as long as they never give up, the chances of living a better life is going to always be greater than zero. The poem “Mother to Son” illustrates all of these. It describes the struggle to live free from oppression and though not obvious at first, it is also about never giving up. It isn’t easy living a live with not much to spare. Some may even curse their own fate for being born in such a situation. But if they were to persevere, they will be able to obtain a newfound strength that can’t be found anywhere else. Because of this reason, they can only improve themselves moving forward while those who are born into money may be bound by their own possession, impeding their own growth. In short, those who put in the work will achieve a satisfying

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