Literary Analysis Of Killing Chickens By Meredith Hall

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Register to read the introduction… The author revels that her life and the chickens are not very different. “I felt her body break deep inside my own chest” (6). The way the chicken has to be killed after being loved for so long is the same way Hall feels about being with her husband for so long and then having him cheat on her and leave her. “Guilt and fear tugged me like an undertow” (7). The chickens are being killed by the one that loved them and in the same way; Hall is killed by the one she loved: her husband. The author uses a numerous number of vivid imagery to describe the struggle she is going through with her husband leaving and her having to kill the chickens. “Her shiny black beak opened and closed, opened and closed” (5). The rumors and suspicions that the author’s husband was cheating on her would come and go, until it reached a breaking point with her best friend Ashley. “I tucked her wings tight against her heaving body, couched over her, and covered her flailing head with my glove hand. Holding her neck hard against the chicken coop, I took a breath, set something deep and hard inside my heart and twisted her head” (5). Symbolizes Hall’s husband as he secretly has affairs with other women while his wife does not know, and then her brother tells her of the crushing news that her husband was with her best …show more content…
“I wanted to call someone, to call my mother or my sister. Yesterday I would have called Ashley…Instead I brought in three loads of wood and put them in the box John had left empty” (7). ‘Know what?”’ I said. ‘Know what I want to do? Let us just stay here and have our own little party. Just us”’ (7). You can tell that she is not going to let anything stop her and that she is going to continue to do the chores and keep taking care of her children no matter what. As the excerpt ends, you can start to visualize the author has overcome her tragedy. “Tomorrow morning, I thought I have to run over the garden and go to the dump. Tomorrow morning, I have to call a lawyer. I have to figure out what to say to Sam and Benjamin. I have to put Ben’s sculpture on the mantel and put some main in Sam’s holder on the desk. I have to clean out the coop and spread fresh shavings” (8). Hall is not going to let her husband slow her down and she expresses that clearly in the last

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