Literary Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe

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The More You Know, the Better You’ll Poe
The most vital things in the creative process are death and alcohol, right? No, but they were for Edgar Allan Poe, the morbidly great poet. Setbacks occurred rampidly for him, but he saw past them in his own, strange way. Drawing from personal experiences with death and grief, Edgar Allan Poe, a beautifully sadistic writer, was the most unique of his time, in turn developing vivid images and heartfelt emotions in his readers.
Straight from the start, Poe’s life was filled with misfortune. Both of his parents died before he was three, his mother due to causes of tuberculosis ( He was separated from his siblings and sent to live with John and Frances Allan, a tobacco farming couple, in Richmond,
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Within just three poems, one can develop a sort of feel for his literary style. In “The Raven”, a man is haunted by the memory of his deceased wife, Lenore. Eventually, a raven perches upon a bust in his room, repeating the phrase “nevermore”, sending this man further into despair. The raven is supposed to be a symbol of this man’s grief, as well as the evil that holds his soul, for he shall never get over the death of Lenore. In “The Bells”, Poe uses the differing tones of bells to create a story. The poem starts with sleigh bells made of silver, with all the of the delight they possess. “Silver bells!/What a world of merriment their melody foretells!” (Poe). He truly captures the essence of a happy vibe. Then, the tone changes to golden wedding bells. There is still a present happy tone, with delight and a future to come. However, towards the end of the section, it states that a rapture is to come. Thus, we move onto the loud brass alarm bells, for there is a “frantic fire” and shriek, horror, etc, fill the air. By the end of the poem, Poe describes the iron funeral bells, describing the moaning and groaning, as well as pain that the people feel. Lastly, in “Annabel Lee”, Poe describes the undying love that he and his Annabel Lee possess, so that even when she dies, their souls can still not be …show more content…
Overall, Poe shows a theme of death and despair in his poetry. Each tone in the poems differ, from joy to sadness. Yet, all center around death. All in all, Poe was one of the greatest writers of his time, his work still being enjoyed today. He had major setbacks and problems, mostly having to do with death, but he overcame most of them. No, his personal life may not have been successful, but his career was, even if he was more successful after his passing. Poe used his experiences with death and grief and turned them into sadistic writings that develop vivid images and true emotions in his readers. Sure, it took a substantial amount of death and alcohol to produce such exemplary work, but whatever it takes,

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