Literary Analysis Of Amy Tan's Rules Of The Game

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Through extensive research of short stories and its different qualifications, it could be argued that Amy Tan 's “Rules of the Game” classifies as a modern realistic short story according to Robert Diyanni 's Literature Approaches to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama, and other scholarly texts relating to the format of a short story (DiYanni 47). Short stories, developed in the 19th century, have progressively been shaped by romanticism, realism, naturalism, symbolism, and regionalism throughout the 1800 's (come back to this). Amy Tan 's traumatic background has influenced her writings to be inclusive of necessary qualifications of a short story; the life she has lived produces the creativity she needs to write short stories and other writings. To determine if a passage should be classified …show more content…
First, the relationship Waverly has with her mother and her family is common, and does not come off as forced to fit into the preplanned plot. Although Tan had it planned that Waverly would be learning to play chess, when her brother got a chess sett at a Christmas Party it was another casual event. Her mother told them to trash the game because it was missing pieces, but she did not because she wanted to learn to play. Waverly asking questions, not necessarily being encouraged to learn, and then stumbling upon Lau Po in the park who taught her everything he knew about Chess. As time went on she began to draw a crowd and then was allowed to enter into a chess tournament; she won. People around town supported her in their shops and sponsored her in national tournaments. Her success gradually led to greater titles and accomplishments. Tan had a story she intended on portraying, but each step in the process came naturally. The story made sense, and allowed for a more enjoyable read because the order of events were relatable and

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